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Speciality Coating Additives, Speciality Chemicals, Paints Additives, Printing Inks Additives, Ink Additives.


We are dynamic, focused and rapidly emerging medium sized professionally managed non aligned company, with core competencies in speciality chemicals and speciality coating additives. We believe that howsoever small our products may be, they act as a vital bridge leading to a great success for customers in terms of their excellence in technology and business. We are a responsible care company and concerned with the well being of customers, suppliers, employees, society and stakeholders.


Mission & Vision

"We shall untiringly commit ourselves through sustainable, eco-friendly and development attempts to continuously improve our additive products and services, in order to be a very reliable customer-oriented supplier of coating additives to the printing inks, polymer rubber, paints and coating world. Our core competencies shall be coating additives for industry specific applications."

Our Business Philosophy :
As guided by our parent group, the fundamental on-going philosophy of our being in business by four prime movers:

Our Conviction : In innovation and creativity
Our Responsibility : Towards our customers, suppliers, employees and society
Our Integrity : In relationships
Our Commitment : Towards our vision and mission



Salient Features of K. Tech :
1. World-class consistent quality
2. Proven high-performance grades
3. Reliability of products
4. Prompt delivery - ex stocks
5. Competitive prices
6. Customized products for discerning needs
7. Smaller trial packs

                                      ... but most important and above all... we listen and care

Our promise to you:
We humbly promise our valued customers, the state of the art knowledge service contribution to their applied chemistry technologies and assure confidently that our products will bridge the gaps...

                                                  We mean it - "We bridge chemistries..."



Central Production Plant:
Our Plant is situated very close to the city of Thane and Mumbai, at Chemical Zone, Wada, District Thane, Maharashtra State, sprawling over 3 acres of developed land and well connected by road to Mumbai and Thane.
We are equipped with reactor vessels, distillations and relevant equipment for standardization, blending and packing facilities.

Central Warehousing:
Our Production Plant is well connected by national and state highways to our own 5000 sq.ft. central warehousing at Bhivandi, Dist. Thane to cater to all customer and market requirements.

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