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Plastisol and Organosol Based Textile Printing Inks

Thickening Agent
Product Grade PTDS Description
ThixotronTM 233L conc. PTDS Coupling and structuring agent. It is an al-chelate technology to enhance body and viscosity of plastisol inks.
Wetting, Dispersing & Stabilization
Product Grade PTDS Description
W & DTM 104 PTDS Highly effective wetting, dispersing and syabilization additive for organic pigment concentrates in adipate, phthalate and sebacate plasticizers.
Product Grade PTDS Description




Acid acceptor, non heavy metal based vinyl stabilizer for plastisol inks.
Product Grade PTDS Description
LevelonTM K-161 PTDS Anticratering, antiblistering, leveling & substrate wetting agent for plastisols.
Product Grade PTDS Description
AntifoamTM K-35 PTDS Strong deaerating agents for plastisols.
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